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My dogs are a huge part of my life and my family, and I enjoy spending time with them. I love my dogs and am passionate about my breeding program, which strives to make sure each puppy is a great contribution to its forever home.

A consistent love for Toy Poodles and Maltese inspired the start of my breeding program. They offer an amazing temperament and are loyal, intelligent, and adorable! I wanted to give back to the breed by breeding healthy pups and placing them into loving homes. As a responsible breeder, I understand the very important role that breeders undertake; that being today’s breeders are the guardians of the future well being of the Maltese and Toy Poodle.

We work with passion, heart, integrity, and truly want what's best for the Toy Poodle and Maltese lines. My dogs are all genetically tested through Embark and health tested prior to breeding to ensure quality puppies. We also complete all breed recommended testing from OFA. In addition, I do everything I can to prepare my puppies to have everything they need to develop into healthy and happy dogs. In my breeding program, good health and temperament are essential, cuteness is guaranteed, and lots of love is always included.